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Demystifying Autism: An Inside-Out Perspective

Demystifying Autism:
An Inside-Out Perspective

Live Video Webcast Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Featuring: William Stillman

High-Functioning Autistic, National Expert,
Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Advocate
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9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST) Break from 11:50 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Join nationally-known autism spectrum speaker and author William Stillman for a powerful and inspiring "inside-out" approach to understanding autism. As a person with Asperger's Syndrome, Stillman passionately advances a humanistic exploration of the autism spectrum from the perspective of those who experience it:
  • What is it like to experience autism?
  • What are "severe behaviors" communicating?
  • What is considered best practice in supporting others' communication, sensory sensitivities, learning and movement differences?
Stillman shatters myths, decodes misinterpretations, and illuminates many unique insights supported by anecdotes from people with autism as well as his own experiences. More importantly perhaps, Stillman shows us how we are all more alike than different, and participants will leave the day having experienced their own "autisms."
Autism in Brief
  • Clinical stuff
  • DSM definitions
  • What drives extreme "autistic behaviors"?
  • Non-clinical, humanistic stuff
  • What the DSM doesn't reveal (includes film and simulation)
  • The importance of presuming intellect
Understanding Autism
  • Communication differences
  • Exploring alternatives to speech
  • Understanding the secret social code of language and eye contact
  • Learning differences
  • Appreciating the "art of self-teaching"
  • How people with autism best think, learn, process and retain information
  • Movement differences
  • Rethinking "idiosyncratic" movement
  • Rationales for perseveration and "stimming"
  • Sensory Differences
  • Explaining the impact of sensory sensitivities
  • Understanding prevention versus intervention (includes simulation)
Additional Information and Wrap-Up
  • Commonly experienced forms of pain and discomfort
  • Why pain may go unreported
  • Commonly experienced forms of mental health issues
  • How to delineate from autism
  • Common neurological disconnects we all endure
  • Speaker disclosure and autobiographic anecdotes
  • List the symptoms and sensory sensitivities associated with autism.
  • Define the procedures to presume intellect and enhance relationships.
  • Explain how persons with autism think and learn.
  • Review best practice approaches including adaptations and accommodations.
  • Interpret and apply such best practices in an individualized, person-centered approach.
  • Identify individual passions (not obsessions) to successfully develop them.
  • Discuss clinical myths versus humanistic interpretations of autism.
William Stillman is a nationally-known autism spectrum speaker and author with Asperger's Syndrome, and has over 20 years of experience advising parents and support teams on positive, proactive approaches. His books include Demystifying the Autistic Experience, The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Asperger's Syndrome, When Your Child has Asperger's Syndrome, The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Bipolar Disorder, The Soul of Autism, Empowered Autism Parenting, and Autism and the God Connection. He also hosts a column in the national publication, The Autism Perspective magazine. Stillman has a B.S. in Education. William provides highly-acclaimed seminars and private consultation nationwide. He served as a point person for the state of Pennsylvania on children with intellectual impairment, mental health issues and autism.

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