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Monday, March 26, 2012

Temple Grandin’s Most Inspiring Book Ever!

World renowned Dr. Temple Grandin never ceases to amaze us.  There's good reason she is on Time Magazine's 100 most influential list and that the movie about her starring Claire Danes entitled "Temple Grandin" won 7 Emmy Awards.  Though she is truly a marvel, having a huge cattle handling facility and presents at numerous conferences around the globe on the subject of autism and sometimes cattle, it's not always just about Temple.

Recently I attended a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (Temple was a speaker) where Wayne Gilpin, President of Future Horizons Inc. and the publisher of my book, "Little Rainman", had an advance copy of her hot-off-the-press new book "Different… Not Less". Wayne is so excited about Temple Grandin's latest book, and says it's probably her best book ever as it empowers people with autism to exceed in life.  I managed to grab Wayne on tape saying some very interesting things.  Check Wayne out here!


I've known Temple for years, but it was the first time my son, Jonathan, who I based my "Little Rainman" book on, actually heard her speak.  During Temple's book signing, Jonathan and Temple had the opportunity to speak with each other about his goals and aspirations.  She helped him tremendously during a critical point in his life where he is deciding what he wants to do in his career path in Internet Technology.

Temple was blatantly honest about her opinions of what he should do (I warned him ahead of time) and he said "her honesty was surprisingly refreshing."  They talked for a good 20 minutes and she told him to just make a decision and get on with it.  She even told him to learn to drive as it would boost his self- confidence.  "Go out to a great big field and practice, practice, practice stopping, starting, turning and so forth for at least fifty hours until you feel confident." Now he's ready to get behind the wheel.

Temple is fantastic with people on the spectrum.  She cares so much about people with autism succeeding on their own accord, that in every conference I have seen Temple as a presenter, she spends the bulk of her time speaking about empowerment of folks on the spectrum and, if someone with autism is at the conference, she spends a great deal of time with them.

In fact, her brand new book "Different…Not Less" is about highly qualified, successful people who are on the autism spectrum from all different walks of life.  The "back-stories" are from Professor and Advocate, Dr. Stephen Shore, to Tour Guide Charli Devent, IT Professional Karla Fisher, Physician Kim Davies, and Artist Steve Selpal, and everywhere in between. These are the REAL stories, told by the REAL folks themselves about what their lives were like growing up as a child on the autism spectrum and what led them to where they are today - living successful and fulfilling lives, and in satisfying relationships and careers.

This book is a MUST HAVE and will inspire, motivate and move us all--especially those that live, work and want to empower people on the autism spectrum, like their kids to continually empower people with autism to become their own personal best - whatever direction they want to go and wherever that may be.

Key Benefits:

·        Inspires people with autism to do what they really want to do – offering confidence and hope

·        Helps people with autism see their true value by introducing them to role models

·        Gets rid of the "autism excuse" and helps people with ASD to get out of their own way

·        Supports caregivers in believing in the possibilities of success for people with ASD

·        Provides a goal to work towards.  Without a roadmap, how do we know where to steer our children or students?

·        Helps people with ASD see how they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings, emotions and obstacles they face

·        Encourages building positive relationships and families

Be the first to read this book and order your very own copy by clicking on the link below.


Karen Simmons

CEO, Founder Autism Today and Author, Little Rainman

What others are saying about "Different... Not Less"

This is an inspiring book.  The stories of achievement will be encouraging for parents of a young child with an autism spectrum disorder, and they will be especially inspirational for adolescents and young adults who are feeling despondent that their autism could deprive them of a successful career or relationship.

Dr. Tony Attwood--
1425 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
United States


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trumpet Behavioral Health is Proud to Sponsor Sibshops

Sibshops provide support and guidance to siblings of children with special developmental needs.

Siblings are encouraged to share the challenges and celebrate the joys with brothers and sisters in similar situations. Sibshops are lively, action packed, 2-hour workshopsd that celebrate the many contributions made by brothers and sisters of kids with special needs. Sibshops acknowledge that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs is for some a good thing, for others a not-so-good thing, and for many, something in between. They reflect a belief that brothers and sisters have much to offer one another – if they are given a chance. The Sibshop model mixes information and discussion activities with new games (designed to be unique, off-beat, and appealing to a wide ability range). There are currently more than 200 Sibshops across the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.
Age group: 6 to 9 year-olds
Date: March 31, 2012
Time: 9:30am – 11:30am
Location: 4025 Automation Way, Unit B2, Fort Collins, CO 80525  Map
Cost: $10.00 (includes snack)
Regrets: If you are unable to attend a Sibshop you have registered for, please call Ashley at (304) 216-4200.